Allow me to introduce myself...

In summary:
I'm a twenty-something college graduate who is taking advantage of a hiatus in employment to dabble in creative fields like art, photography, music, and cooking and maybe (hopefully) start a business in the process.  For now, this website maintains a purpose of displaying some of my art, posting recipes I enjoy, and sharing my resume with any employers who may come across my online presence.

Digging a bit deeper:
Born, raised, and still living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Attended Grove City College and earned a Bachelor's in Business.
Favorite artists (music): Coldplay, The Decemberists, The New Pornographers, She & Him, Vampire Weekend, MGMT   
Favorite artists (art):   Vincent Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Georgia O' Keefe, Claude Monet
I love Syrian food (and am half Syrian), coffee, dark chocolate, and discovering hole-in-the wall restaurants.
Traveled to China and the Dominican Republic. I hope the next stop is France.
Long-term goal:  Either success in advertising or success in baking (or both).

Feel free to contact me with comments/suggestions/recipes/creative inspirations.

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